We apologize for any inconvenience you may encounter during the purchasing process. Below, we outline the most common situations that may arise and how to address them.

What should I do if I encounter an error message indicating something went wrong?

Encountering an error while attempting to purchase tickets on StubHub International?

  1. Navigate to Profile > Settings.
  2. In the Contact tab, ensure all your account information is complete.
  3. If any required fields are empty, click the pencil icon next to the addresses to enter the necessary details, then save your changes.

If your information is correct and you continue to experience issues, please contact us for assistance.

What should I do if I receive an error stating my tickets are no longer available?

As StubHub International is a dynamic platform, tickets can be purchased by another buyer or removed by the seller at any time. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Return to the event page and search for the listing again.
  2. If the listing is no longer available, consider purchasing an alternative ticket.

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