If turned on, StubHub's Manage Price for Me feature will manage your ticket price upward or downward, using an algorithm that measures market demand. The actual sold price may be higher or lower than StubHub’s initial estimate.

 You can monitor the current price through your account and turn off Manage Price for Me at any time before your ticket sells. All sales are final.
  • How does StubHub determine the “Recommended Price” it uses to price my tickets for me?
StubHub uses an algorithm that constantly monitors market conditions, including recent sales and seats in similar locations, to help you sell your tickets quickly and for market price at sale time.
  • How often will StubHub adjust my price?
The Manage Price for Me feature evaluates the market regularly and adjusts the price of your ticket accordingly to help you sell it quickly and at the market rate at sale time.

 Your price may change up, down, or stay the same, depending on market conditions.
  • Can my price move lower or higher than the price originally set when I turned feature on?
Yes. Your ticket price can move higher or lower than the initial price you chose when creating the listing. We use market conditions to determine what price would likely result in the best payout and quickest sale. 
  • Will I be notified if my price changes?
No. If you use this feature, we only notify you if your tickets sell. However, you can check your ticket price at any time.
  • How can I check my ticket price?
    1. Go to My tickets > Listings
    2. View the Price per ticket
  • How do I turn off Manage Price for Me?
    1. Go to My tickets > Listings
    2. Click the Manage Price for Me toggle to Off (you can click the Manage Price for Me toggle back to On)

      If you don't see the toggle and want to turn Manage Price for Me off, delete the listing and repost the tickets for sale.
  • What happens if my ticket sells and I don’t like the price?
All sales are final. If before the sale you feel your ticket price is too high or low, you should turn off Manage Price for Me and adjust your ticket price to the one you prefer.
  • Will using this feature guarantee my ticket will sell?
No. We can't guarantee your ticket will sell, but our algorithm ensures your ticket will be available at the most competitive price.  
  • Will using this feature guarantee a certain profit margin?
No. StubHub’s Manage Price for Me feature sets a price based on what tickets are most likely to sell for in current market conditions. This could be higher or lower than the estimates you received when you initially turned on the feature.